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Tube fittings and tube adapters

3 Reasons Training is Vital

Improper assembly, poor safety practices, and untrained associates can lead to dangerous operating situations.

failing hose near end connections

5 Reasons Your Hose Keeps Failing

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of reasons why a hose can fail.

Pipe fittings

Basic Pipe Threads Explained

National Pipe Thread / NPT (Taper) has been the American standard for making up pipe connections since the 1850’s and is still a common choice today.

effective communication

Effective Communication

Everyone communicates!  But, not everyone communicates effectively.

Extending the life of hoses

Extending the Life of Hoses

The same hose can have two very different life cycles depending on the variability of the application parameters.

Swagelok Field Engineering Team

More Than A Component Supplier: Field Engineering

Swagelok's Field Engineering Program consists of a network of factory and regionally based engineers who assist customers with the opportunities that exist in their facilities.


Fittings Will Always be Around

Before fluid connections, it seemed the method of walking to a river, picking up water in a bucket, and walking it back was the best way to transfer fluid from one location to another. The world has seen many advancements since then.

Hose Covers & Safety

Proper hose selection ensures a hose reaches its maximum working life and allows operators to work in a safe environment with limited risks of burns and other injuries.

Swagelok Hose Selection

Hose Selection Guide

Selecting the right hose assembly is a crucial step in achieving a leak-free fluid system.

compressed gas leak detection survey

How Much Could A Leak Detection Survey Save You?

We have conducted various Fluid Systems Evaluations and Audit services at customer facilities to find and solve problems and help them operate more safely and efficiently. 

Leadership teamwork

How to Get the Most Out of Your Meetings in 2020

We have all sat in meetings where there was lots of discussion, but no clear action items identified to the issues, and no one named as owner for seeing that issue to resolution.

tighten the nut one and a quarter turns

How to Pull up a Fitting

Pulled directly from the Swagelok Tube Fittings Catalog: Page 66

LinkedIn, Social Media, Blog

LinkedIn & Why it Matters to You

Utilizing your online presence and sharing industry knowledge and experience will garner credibility among your connections.

Pressure-reducing spring-loaded regulators

Regulators 101: Four Things You Need to Know

Understanding the importance of pressure control accuracy as a primary consideration makes the search and selection for the proper regulator easier. 

risk assessment ISO 9000

Risky Business

Risk Management / Risk Assessment is a crucial part of the new ISO 9000 standard, ISO 9001:2015.  So where do we start?

CNC Tube Bender

6 Reasons to Switch From Pipe to Tubing

When installing or maintaining a welded, threaded or flanged piping system, consider tubing as an alternative.

hands in team work collaborate

Servant Leadership

We must stop selling to our customers and begin serving them.

preinsulated tubing

Steam-Traced and Electric Bundled Tubing

Jake Smith woke up to a surprisingly cold morning. A cold front had snuck in over night dropping the early Fall morning temperatures to below normal.

Swagelok Hand tube Bender

The Art of Tube Bending

Tube bending is often thought of as an art. It is one of the more challenging parts of any instrumentation project.

galled tapered threads

Thread Sealant Best Practices

Something to keep in mind is tapered threads require the use of a thread tape or sealant to prevent the fitting materials from galling upon (dis)assembly.

tubing, tube bracket, fittings, end connections

Tubing Selection

Oftentimes, tubing is chosen based on order history and supplier availability, but installers should never assume compatibility without fully understanding the system it will be installed in.


Tubing Wall Thickness Selection

Selecting tubing for your fluid system can be fairly trivial.

Georgia, Jacksonville, South Carolina, merge

We Have Expanded!

We are thrilled to announce that we have expanded our distribution territory to include South Carolina.

gauges and regulators

Which Pressure Gauge Do I Need?

With the many different options available for gauge pressure ranges, it can be difficult to know what pressure range to use in a specific system.

Quarter-turn plug valves

Which Valve is Right for My Application?

Below are some common issues customer face with failing regulating valves and how they can be overcome.