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More Than a Component Supplier

Written By: Ben Carr, Field Engineer | March 2019

Swagelok is not just a component supplier; we offer many services to our customers. Some of these include expedited shipping, online ordering, on-site inventory management, and most recently, a field engineering team. Swagelok’s Field Engineering (FE) Program consists of a network of factory and regionally based engineers who assist customers with the opportunities that exist in their facilities. Our engineers offer assistance with product selection and training, fluid system documentation and troubleshootingand system design.

During our FE training, we are taught and tested on complex fluid system design and troubleshooting. We work closely with factory engineers to learn about common problems in the industry and work to solve these opportunities using Swagelok products. After we complete the training and receive our official FE title, we return to our distributorships and begin applying our skills to help solve the problems our customers face. My training affords me the ability to understand many of the problems and speak the technical languages my customers do. My job is to help them diagnose the problem, determine the most efficient way to solve it, and provide a solution tailored to address the root cause of the problem.

For instance, I have recently assisted a customer looking to diagnose a pressure regulation issue. After careful review of the system and several plant visits to understand the intricacies of the design, the operator and I were able to develop a solution that minimized leak points and held the pressure necessary for the system to work correctly. In a related event, we had a facility engage the FE team for a week-long, plant-wide compressed gas survey. Our team identified many costly leaks that totaled more than $50,000 and prevented certain aspects of the process functioning as they should. After the repair work is completed, the facility will be able to reduce its’ gas usage and capture the savings in their next annual budget.

The picture below shows the team of Swagelok Field Engineers that gathered at our customer’s facility to complete the compressed gas survey. The engineers represented Swagelok distributors in Mexico, Canada, United States, and corporate personnel.

Swagelok Field Engineering Team

Figure 1: Swagelok Field Engineering Team

In addition to working in the field as individuals and teams, the worldwide network of engineers meets together twice a year to share best practices in fluid handling from all sectors of the industry. The collaborative process leads to an expanded offering and improved products, reducing end user cost while enhancing plant production and safety. 

To find out how the Swagelok Field Engineering team can partner with you and your facility, please reach out to me and learn more.

Ben Carr

Field Engineering

Swagelok Georgia | Jacksonville