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The Art of Tube Bending

Swagelok Hand tube Bender

The Art of Tube Bending

Written by: Jeremy Kinnaird, Director of Custom Solutions | May 2019

Tube bending is often thought of as an art. It is one of the more challenging parts of any instrumentation project. Like many art forms, there are never two that are the same. Unfortunately, specifications rely on consistent, repeatable processes, and planners count on efficient time use to budget projects. It would benefit everyone to take some of the mystery out of tube bending. So, how can we make this art form a little more consistent?

Swagelok utilizes data collected from many tests and has compiled it into one easy to use tool to reduce the trial and error and ensure repeatable results in tube bending. This data tool accounts for spring back, bend deduction, and other factors. So, you mark the bend starts, predict and mark the end of the bend, cut your tube once, and have a correct overall length at the end.

Set up is simple; you need to know the tube size and bend radius, along with your leg length and bend angles. The calculator provides the start and end mark locations to make measuring and marking easy. After it is set up, all that needs to be done is measure, mark, and cut one tube.  Bend the tubing to ensure everything is in tolerance for that tubing batch, and then make as many bends as required.

Will this tool mean there is never any error in your tube bends? No. Will it reduce the error to the first piece?  Yes! It also means that trying to measure bent tubes and recalculating the lengths for each piece is not required.

Sound helpful?  Give us a call and ask for the Tube Bending Calculator. We are happy to help!