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Swagelok Georgia | Jacksonville | South Carolina

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Plant maintenance services

Swagelok Georgia Customer Support

We recognize that every customer has unique needs and requirements. Whether you are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or responsible for optimizing the daily maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO) of your facility, you can count on knowledgeable support with technical information, product selection, and fluid system design.

Call (678) 624-0949 or email Technical Support


Technical Support Team

Our team is dedicated to responding to your needs as fast as possible. Over the past two years, we have sent out a survey to gather feedback from our customer base. One of the most important insights we learned was the priority to receive expedited feedback. We understand that our field reps can become tied up and an answer may be delayed for a couple of hours. 

For that reason, we have developed a technical support team that is focused on providing you with quick responses to all your questions regarding fluid and gas system components and services.

This team is readily available and always willing to assist with any question you may have. Each individual is factory trained and knowledgeable of all products and services we offer. To get an answer to a question you may have, please email our team at or call us at (678) 624-0949

If you are in need of someone to come look at your application or meet you at your site, our field reps will be happy to help. Email us and we will be glad to get you in contact with the right representative. 

We can also provide factory supported laboratory evaluations of the products that fail unexpectedly or if you simply need to verify the quality of tubing you are considering using in a project. 

Product Evaluations

Are you experiencing a product failure?  We have the ability to send Swagelok® products back for evaluation and review. This service helps our customers determine how products are performing in their systems and provides insight as to what they need to change to improve system performance.

We are also able to send samples of tubing that you may be considering using in a system to the factory for a detailed analysis. Ask to speak with your account manager about the details. 

Please keep in mind that any product returned for evaluation must be accompanied with a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet for the media the product was exposed to) affixed on the outside of the package it is shipped or transported in. This is for the safety of all parties who may come in contact with the product.

Product Substitutions

We can help you identify product alternatives and document savings in areas such as reduced purchase cost, maintenance, and downtime.

Technical Drawings

In addition to utilizing our expanding library of Swagelok® product CAD drawings, you can request custom CAD drawings of fluid system products and systems to meet your needs. The cost of the drawings depends upon the information required on the drawings and approximately two weeks lead time. Contact your Account Manager for more information.