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What Inefficiency is your System Facing?

Read how this oil filter manifold was improved using a bypass loop to avoid downtime when replacing the filter.

Written by: Daiten McCraw and Michael Callahan 

Throughout various industries where lubrication oil systems are used, you may also find an oil filtration system. These filtration systems are used to protect against foreign bodies that could be introduced to the application via the oil or lubricant. Depending on the oil or lubricant used, the filter system can come in many different footprints and/or designs. They are often designed with a “loop” or “by-pass” so that the filter element may be changed without having to take the equipment offline. This is critical for plants that need to keep running but need to periodically change filters without shutting down. They do not have to be on lubrication systems only and may be found anywhere a clean process needs to be introduced into a system. It could be a hydraulic system if the process needs a certain cleanliness for operation.

While these filtration systems are designed to be easily and quickly maintained, end users tend to experience challenges with leaks over time. This is due to the inadequacies of welded pipe, corrosion, and harsh environments that the systems may be found in. Swagelok was tasked with finding a more efficient, maintenance friendly, and cost effective solution for the customer.

Swagelok, along with the help of the customer, designed and built a filtration system that utilized tubing as opposed to welded pipe. This allowed for minimal potential leak points and increased laminar flow. 60 series valves were used as a way to by-pass and/or isolate the filter for element change. A check valve was also added after the filter to prevent any backflow into the outlet side of the valve.

The improved design now offers an easier maintenance, cost savings in time & labor for the customer, and an overall more efficient system for oil and lubricant filtration.

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Oil Filter Manifold Before and After