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Swagelok Georgia | Jacksonville | South Carolina

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Born in Lima, Ohio – John Callahan worked selling Black and White Scotch, while his wife was a nurse. They moved to Georgia when their son, Shaun, was 3 years old. Shortly after moving, John started Georgia Valve & Fitting Co. (GAVFCO) in the basement of their home. While he traveled working the territory, his wife ran the office and the home.

Shaun Callahan graduated in 1976 from Roswell High School and went to the University of Georgia. He was accepted into the honors program and majored in Management Information Systems (QBA).

One month after graduation, he accepted a job in Ohio at Swagelok IS – using a TI 990 computer to develop the original version of DMS, one of Swagelok’s homegrown ERP systems. Shaun worked as a programmer and then as a support technician.

Shaun’s brother was working for their Dad at GAVFCO. His brother, not enjoying the sales side of the business, left the company to pursue a career in Accounting. John called Shaun and asked him to help run the business. Shaun moved back to Georgia in 1984 and took over a sales territory and started to learn the operations of the business.

In 1993, John Callahan retired. Shaun interviewed with the CEO of Swagelok and was given the opportunity to buy GAVFCO from his Dad.