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CW Series Aflas Bonded Poppets

Changes to CW Series Aflas® Bonded Poppets– Notification of Change

Small visual and chemical changes will be made to the Aflas® bonded poppet for the CW series check valve. These changes will enable Swagelok to secure long-term availability of the Aflas bonded poppet component.

The visual changes are as follows and will be visible when looking though the inlet port:

  • Aflas color will change from dark brown to black (ASTM D2000 material remains the same)
  • A molding cavity number will be added under the “AF” material designator

Current Aflas Bonded Poppet

Current Aflas Bonded Poppet

Future Aflas Bonded Poppet

Future Aflas Bonded Poppet

Additionally, the adhesive of the bonded poppet will change from Chemlok® 8116 to Chemlok 5150 to meet updated environmental standards. The other CW series poppet materials will also change to this adhesive in the coming months. None of these changes will impact the function of the product. Changes begin 4 January 2021.