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Notification of Change: 5 and 6 Series Actuators

Change to base plate on 5 and 6 series actuators

In the spirit of continuous improvement and quality, we are implementing a change to all 5 and 6 series actuators, a bellows valve option, to improve the thread engagement on the panel mount nut.

Currently, there is no counterbore on the actuator base plate. Moving forward, all 5 and 6 series actuators will include a small counterbore which will provide more space for the panel nut threads to engage. Please note this does not impact the function of the product.

This change will begin within the next 30 days. During the transition, you may see shipments containing both versions of the actuator until the existing stock is depleted. Please note that all existing product without the counterbore still meets our Swagelok quality standards.

current 5 series actuator 

Current Actuator

new 5 series actuator

New Actuator