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Swagelok Georgia | Jacksonville | South Carolina

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Promotional Name Change

Promotional Name: Information and FAQ's

Georgia Valve and Fitting and Jacksonville Valve and Fitting have recently made a change to our promotional name in an effort to align with our shared commitment to Swagelok. Beginning in 2016, you will begin seeing our promotional name—Swagelok Georgia/Jacksonville—displayed on all marketing materials, quotes/orders, website, and any other collateral or material related to our company. We are proud and excited to begin branding our company in unison with the quality products and services we provide through The Swagelok Company.

When did the name change become official?

July 8th, 2014—Swagelok Georgia and Swagelok Jacksonville became our promotional name

Why have Georgia Valve and Fitting Co. and Jacksonville Valve and Fitting Co. changed their names?

We’ve changed our names to show our shared commitment with Swagelok and better align how customers perceive us with the company we represent.

Has the organization’s FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number) changed?

No, it remains the same.

What will change as a result of the promotional name?

We will answer the phones, “Swagelok Georgia/Jacksonville”. You will also begin seeing the new name and logo on all our marketing materials, quotes, orders, and invoices you receive from us.

What is the full commercial (legal) name?

Georgia Valve and Fitting Company

What is the full promotional name?

Swagelok Georgia | Jacksonville

** (Formerly Georgia/Jacksonville Fluid System Technologies)

What is a promotional name?

Promotional names are often used for advertising, brochures, business cards, stationery and promotional merchandise. Promotional names are meant to promote brand awareness but are not a replacement for commercial (legal) names.

Who should I make my Purchase Orders out to?

 Georgia Valve and Fitting Company.

**Our commercial (legal) name should be used on documents governing commercial activity, such as purchase orders, contracts, invoices, etc. as our primary company reference. (We will accept purchase orders made out Swagelok Georgia| Jacksonville- but prefer our legal name on documents)

Who should I contact for accounts receivables or other payment questions?

Sue Rogers, Accounts Receivable Manager, 770-576-2707,

Who do we make our check out to?

Checks should be made out to the name used on the P.O.

Is Swagelok Georgia | Jacksonville part of Swagelok?

No, while Swagelok Georgia| Jacksonville is the exclusive distributor for Swagelok products in Georgia and Northeastern Florida, we are a separate legal entity from Swagelok.