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Grab Sample System Webinar

Swagelok Presents: Grab Sample Systems Webinar

Join our Swagelok experts, Matt Dixon, Karim Mahraz, and Eric Kvards as they provide detailed information on:

  • The basic rules of sampling
  • Why sampling is beneficial
  • How temperature and pressure can change the affect of sampling
  • Developing customized products to simplify flow path
  • Considerations for standard designs, and much more!

Meet the Speakers

Matt Dixon  

Matt Dixon, Senior Principal Design Engineer at Swagelok

Matt Dixon began his career with Swagelok in 1998 as an engineering co-op student. Over the first 6 years of his Swagelok career, he worked as an assembly, welding, and manufacturing engineer. He supported the production of high-volume fittings and various hose product lines, designing and building assembly and test equipment. In 2004 Matt joined the Custom Solutions team at Swagelok. His past hands-on experience with Swagelok products has enabled him to grow in this role into a leading integration and application expert within the Swagelok organization. During this time, Matt has had extensive experience in sampling systems, including developing the GSM and GSL product lines and developing Swagelok’s ammonia sampling system. Application Expertise: - Manual sampling stations - Ammonia sampling systems - Automatic changeover assemblies - Oxygen system safety and design - General Industry

Karim Mahraz

Karim Mahraz, Product Manager Analytical Instrumentation at Swagelok

Karim Mahraz is the product manager for the Swagelok’s analytical instrumentation line. He is responsible for growing sales of all existing AI products as well as strategic development of future growth initiatives in this key product segment, including annual business planning and product/technology roadmaps. He helps set the strategy, vision, roadmap, and feature definition for the Analytical Instrumentation product line. In his 12 years with Swagelok, Karim has also held roles in manufacturing engineering and custom solutions, as well as serving as the product manager of general industrial valves and regulators. He speaks Arabic, French, and English. Application Expertise: - Manual sampling systems - Ammonia sampling systems - Automatic changeover assemblies - Oxygen system safety and design - General Industry 

Eric Kvarda

Eric Kvarda, Principal Engineer at Swagelok

Eric Kvarda began his career with Swagelok in 1994 as a Mechanical Engineer. Over his career, Eric has been in various roles including Product Support, New Product Development, Field Engineering, Custom Solutions, and a role working at a Swagelok Distributorship. Eric is a multiple patent holder, and currently is a Principal Applications Engineer in the Solon Tech Center. Part of his responsibility is Grab Sample Application Training. Application Expertise: - Manual sampling stations - Sample Conditioning Systems - Medium & High Pressure - Chemical Injection and Hydraulic Control Systems for offshore Oil & Gas. - General Industry