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83 DXL series 3-way ball valve

New 83DXL Series 3-Way Ball Valve

New "fast fill" 3-way ball valve released for high-cycle, high-pressure applications prevents the need for frequent rebuilds.

CNG dispensers located at filling stations represent a very challenging application requiring high pressures and frequent cycling. These conditions can result in costly premature failure in many 3-way valves. We have used our design experience and knowledge of the application to develop an innovative new valve to provide our customers with a solution in these situations. The 83DXL series valve has improved cycle life performance in "fast fill" CNG dispenser applications and so reduces downtime from replacing and rebuilding valves. 


The 83DXL has the following design features different than the standard valve:
  • Higher cycle life by using PEEK seats and a special vent orifice
  • Ease of actuation by utilizing an "L" patter flow path for 90-degree actuation
  • A more secure, phenolic handle with a longer set screw and bore through stem


For more information or technical advice, contact our Technical Services team:

Phone (678) 624- 0949, and ask for technical support on our new 83DXL Series 3-Way Ball Valve