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Changing your Business' New Year's Resolutions into Goals

goal setting

Written by: Rhonda Pugh, Director of Communications | February, 2019

Last month, we discussed setting New Year’s Resolutions for your small-mid sized business.  But, like with any new year’s resolution, stating it doesn’t make it happen.  Resolutions without goals are just wishes.  To turn your resolutions into a reality, you must set goals.

Clearly Define Goals

Saying, “I want to grow sales this year” doesn’t quantify the desired growth or let you know when you have met the goal.  Rather, define the goal specifically stating a % of growth and a time the goal should be obtained, “I want to grow sales by 30% at the end of fourth quarter by promoting our top two product lines.” 

Base Goals in Reality   

Yes, you want to grow sales by 30% this year, but maybe you don’t have manufacturing capacity for that increased volume, or a much-needed product improvement won’t be released until third quarter.   Dream big, but plan realistically with SMART Goals, otherwise you will become demoralized or demoralize your team.  Instead, create a realistic goal and include a stretch goal. 

Create an Action Plan

Think about the steps you and your team need to take to accomplish the goals.  This action plan should be clearly defined and assigned.  Prioritize your task-list, assign them to a responsible team member for delivery, and schedule due dates for completion.  Use planning tools like Asana to create a task-list for you and your team members to track your progress or to adjust the plan if you are getting off-track.


In your project planning, set milestones and incentives for when goals are reached.  Incentives motivate and re-enforce buy-in keeping the team’s eyes on the ultimate prize.  It doesn’t have to be anything huge, just something that recognizes the milestone and rewards the team to keep pushing forward.

Commitment is Key

Goals require commitment from the whole team.  You can’t get a team’s buy-in unless you have clearly communicated the goals and allow them to provide input.  Present the overall goals to the team and create buy-in by:

teamwork, buy-in

  • Allowing the team to share ideas
  • Working together to create action steps
  • Identifying risks
  • Creating plans to mitigate those risks
  • Determining timelines


Communicate often to keep the team informed of advancement, to celebrate wins or review setbacks, and to keep everyone working together.    

Now you have more than resolutions, you have goals and a plan.  Here’s to 2019!

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