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New Year's Resolutions for your Business

Written by: Rhonda Pugh, Director of Communications | January, 2019

When you hear, “New Year's Resolutions”, what comes to mind?  I usually think of losing weight, learning a new language, saving more money, or some other self-improvement goal. We set these resolutions to bring about a positive change in our behaviors.  While most consider these pledges for personal growth, New Year’s Resolutions can be highly beneficial to set for your small-mid sized business as well.  The beginning of the year is a great time to reflect on last year’s progress and strategize how you want your business to grow in the coming year.  Here are our top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for your business:




  1. Monthly Planning Meetings

    To know where you are going, you need a road-map and a plan.  Monthly Business Planning allows you to keep track of your goals, check your progress, and adjust as needed.  It is a time to ensure your leadership team is on the same page and focusing their department’s efforts toward the growth strategy and the year’s business goals. 

  2. Frequently and Consistently Promote Your Business

    Maintaining and attracting new customers should be a top priority New Year’s Resolution.  Create a marketing plan and budget.  Record actuals against it for next year’s plan and return on investment.  Then create a calendar for regular and consistent execution of tasks throughout the year.  Try some low-budget ways to promote your business as well as sizable marketing campaigns.

  3. Improve Your Digital Presence

    With business self-promotion in mind, update your website’s look, refresh content, and add a blog and/or videos.  Make certain your site is mobile-friendly and responsive to all screen sizes.  Generate an email marketing list in an email marketing software like Constant Contact for professional email campaigns.  Make a schedule to regularly post on Social Media. 

  4. Resolve to Communicate Effectively

    It takes good communication to make a team work.  Poor communication leads to a lack of focus and understanding of the goals, missed expectations, increased errors, and breaks down team morale.  Create a communications plan as you would a marketing plan for each new initiative, around HR issues, when business is up and when business is down.  Communication will keep the team informed, united, and confident in the leadership.

  5. Join a Networking Organization
  6. Even the most successful business owner can use a little advice or a sounding board, can learn something new about their industry, find opportunities for partnering or make a few new contacts.  Local Networking Groups can invigorate you and your business, spark new ideas or rekindle old ones.  But, don’t just join a group to check it off the resolutions checklist.  Be purposeful to make each event a fruitful experience. 

Get Buy-in!  As a part of your resolution to communicate effectively, post your Business New Year’s Resolutions to engage the organization. Speak to and refer to them often in meetings and during business milestones.  Check out next month’s blog post, we’ll talk about converting your resolutions into obtainable goals.  Happy New Years!

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